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INKY - Puli

Inky - love her name!  Never heard of a Puli? Me neither! No it's not a new breed, just a very rare and unique one. Meet Inky... this picture below was taken when she was about a year old...

Super cute right? The problem is the fur. It grows in "cords" and in order to groom them properly, you are supposed to use your fingers and no tools. Which would be a full time position at home just caring for this sweet little girl's curls. Here is what she looked like when I met her...

The mats were so thick and tight to her skin, I felt like I was shaving a matted cat! The clipper could hardly get through it. I had to make little holes in the mats work my fingers underneath, use scissors to make spaces for the clipper to get in. It was crazy, but she was excellent.

Here is the new happy Puli, Inky! I know, totally different dog. Her mom said she was happy like a puppy when she got home. We think her matted caot was starting to restrict her moment. I am very pleased we were able to liberate Inky and make her mom happy too.

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