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Caring for your Cat

Generally speaking, a cat hardly ever needs to be professionally groomed.  They usually take exceptional care of themselves and are generally clean animals. 

But of course there are exceptions to every rule... Here are some reasons why you might have to bring your cat in for a grooming.

The most common reason - Mats, knots, snarls...

Some cats (Persians, Himalayans - long haired breeds - and even some shorter ones) are susceptible to matting. If not frequently and regularly combed, they can get overwhelmed by their own fur. If this happens they will discontinue grooming themselves successfully, and the mats become out of control.  Once the mats begin to spread, they will eventually merge together and form hard clumps all over your cat.  At this point, de-matting is no longer an option, and you'll need to have your cat professionally shaved down. This can be stressful and dangerous for your cat depending on how bad the matting has become. You should try to monitor the situation and have your cat professionally groomed before it gets that bad.

Regular combing, of both long and short hair cats, at home will help you maintain and control the condition of your cat's fur.  If grooming at home becomes impossible (either the cat or the fur), that is when you should call your professional groomer.

Reason # 2 - Bathing...

Generally speaking, I suggest never bathing your cat.  As I have stated before, cats are incredibly clean animals, who dislike water, so why torture them?  But... in some cases cats need to be bathed too. And here they are:

Kittens - If you are bringing a kitten into your home, you should have it professionally bathed prior to allowing it in your house. Most all kittens (in my 20 years experience) have fleas.  It is inevitable!  To ensure those fleas do not get into your home, bring the kitten to a groomer or the vet.  Have it checked over thoroughly.  If fleas are found, take the precaution and have it bathed.  Kittens are much easier and nicer to bathe than cats. And if caught early, you will rid yourself of a flea infestation.

Nail Clipping

This is quick and painless.  If your cat has long nails and is tearing up your house, bring it in for a nail clipping. I generally do this in morning, while you wait, it takes litterally 2 seconds. Call me and we will find a convenient time for both of us to bring the kitty in. It is only $5. Simply call.

Click here to discover how Lakeside Grooming can take care of your kitty cat.

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