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Location Location Location

Lakeside Grooming is located in our home on Crystal Lake in Gilmanton Iron Works NH, one minute off Route 140. 

Lakeside Grooming
9 Lakewood Drive
Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837
Phone: 603-364-DOGS (3647)

Please view the Directions for more details...

Location Specifics

The grooming shop has a dedicated entrance down the stairs to the right of the house. Please park up by the "open" flag. As you approach the house, you will see the stone stair-way. The pathway and entrance are clearly marked. 

The picture above shows the first set of steps, then you'll bear right to the second set...

When the shop is open there are plenty of "open" signs to lead you on your way.  We are open year-round, and I pride myself in keeping meticulous care of our stairs. You'll be happy to see no snow, ice or other "winter bothers" as you drop your pet off.  We only ask that you use caution, and if you are concerned about the stairs at all, let me know, I will happily retrieve your pet from your car at the top of the drive way.  Thank you!

NOTE: If you have any difficulties walking or managing your dog on a leash, please let me know when you book your appointment.  I can easily meet you at your car to retrieve your pet for grooming.

Because this is our home, please read the courtesy notice, we put a lot of time and effort into our property and we try to preserve it... Thank you very much!

603-364-DOGS (3647)